This TOTALLY UNIQUE E-Book has not been plagiarized, cloned or downloaded at all.It has taken me months to research and complete and if your not impressed i will refund your money


Every single day the government fines thousands of drivers throughout the UK USA & Australia. You may only be a couple of miles above the limit on a completely empty road at 3am... but if you're flashed, it means three points on your licence and a �60 fine.

After twelve points, YOUR BANNED. Or, if you've been driving under two years, it's just six points before you're off the road.

Is this making roads safer? Not in the slightest. In the period from 1997 to 2000, revenue from motoring fines went up from �13 million to over �25 million. Yet road accidents during that period actually INCREASED.

Instead of helping keep the roads safe, the Police Forces are using motorists to increase funding and provide better year-end statistics. Who do you think is easier to arrest...a mugger... a  burgular, or the innocent motorway driver accidentally driving a few miles above the limit?

Whether you choose to believe it or not, it's the truth. It's what happens. And if you don't care about it now, you can be sure that at some point in the near future you'll wish you had. Think about it...

It's more than just inconvenient. The impact is enormous. You could lose your job (or, at best, revert to the horrors of public transport). You could lose your social life. You could also lose income and local integrity. You could lose almost EVERYTHING.
And it could all happen just by being caught
ONCE going at 90 MPH on an empty motorway!

Are you ANGRY?......well You should be! This whole money raking system is ridiculous, and you need to protect yourself.

You could go and spend �28 on an e-book which claims to be written by an ex policeman,if you fish around on the net you will find goes something like this:

Learn about:

How to get parking tickets cancelled How to escape speeding tickets

Secret legal loopholes

Winning in court

But you will kick yourself when you realise that its A waste of £28!!


Do you hold a UK, EURO, USA or Australian driving licence?

Have you had the "Dreaded" NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) drop through your letterbox lately?

If the answer is YES to any of those questions you may need advice!

Dont sign or send off anything until you have read my very detailed guide to the law and how YOU stand legally.Learn how you can use the law to fight speeding fines.

This guide will help you keep YOUR licence and in some cases YOUR LIVELYHOOD.Nothing illegal,all strictly lawful,we are expected to drive within the law so we SHOULD expect the law to be adhered to by these Camera Partnerships who insist on fleecing us at an ever more alarming rate.You will be surprised at the way they do not totally abide by the laws themselves.

Includes pre drafted letters to send back to the Chief Constable and "Safety" Camera Partnerships.(Scamera Partnerships more like)

Some E-Books on this subject are not very informative and are very ill written,confusing and the only reason they are "About to be BANNED in the UK" is because they offer false, out of date, wrong, misleading and often illegal advice. If it was about to be banned then its obviously not very lawful, but what do you expect for 49p or £29.99? You wont have to "Learn what to say when pulled over by the police" or "Ways to beat cameras and radars" because its much simpler to use these same laws which are also there for you and I.

And I wont offer to "GUARANTEE SUCCESS"...that would be ridiculous and depend on your situation but this guide WILL help you understand better the law which was made for YOU.But I will GUARANTEE SATISFACTION!! The legislation was put in place decades ago to prevent authorities playing fast and loose. Unfortunately, when authorities choose to ignore their statutory duties (and don't forget they are legally obliged to properly apply the law), it is those authorities who we all put absolute faith in that are found wanting, not the motorist.

Like I said earlier,the Safety Camera Partnerships (as they like to be called) are expecting us to obey the law but in lots and lots of cases they are NOT obeying those laws and sometimes they seem not to even know the laws correctly.So now its time to put THEM in the PICTURE.


I will be keeping all email addresses of people who buy this E-Book from ME! As the law changes (Which is possible) you will be updated accordingly by email....can anyone else offer that service?

You will also recieve a copy of "SpeedCameraScam" by Idris Francis.

And try not to blame the police,its really out of their hands.

All the best and drive safely.


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